Anonymous: I also dont want to come across as insincere and pretentious. For me, knowing that someone believes in me does help..I think it can help, especially when it comes to adolescents. Though the need for encouragement lacks an age restriction..

Okay yeah I read through all of the messages you sent me but I do agree, I feel like students nowadays lack motivation for their future if you will? Like they see how “easy” it is for their parents to get money, especially at a prep school, and they think they can do that without doing their work or putting in more effort than the rest of the class which is kinda sad, but I also feel like we’re stuck in a world of mediocrity, and teenagers especially are being taught that just barely okay is becoming the new excellent (does that makes sense? I hope so). I see it all the time in my school, for example I’ll use my AP Language class full of juniors. There are 6 seniors out of I think 14 juniors, but anyway. Our teacher yells at them because they’re earning 4’s and 5’s on their essays because they just don’t care, because they’re boring or incoherent, and we’re all convinced that they just want to throw their futures away. I got into 3 Ivy League schools from hard work and dedication, and with their grades, they’ll be lucky if they get into a community college.  

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I want to spend the rest of my life with drake

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when u accidentally laugh at a joke about u


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Anonymous: are you still with alexis?

Do you mean is he still my boyfriend because yes or is he physically with me because no

mcvxi: im sadly underage so it would be illegal :/ but hey i like serial killers and history and im pretty sure that's the way into your heart

Serial killers, history and puppy dog eyes are the way into my heart

Anonymous: 17 F 5'7 Brown hair and eyes. I like reading(I'm willing to read anything--I read a lot of YA, Fantasy, novels dealing with Dystopian societies and classical works of literature. But I like going to Farmer's Markets and buying random books) I sing, play a sport, write my own poetry though I rarely show others. I'd take you to this cute Vietnamese restaurant and we could probably go to Ellis Island or Governor's island afterwards. Just explore the city

I love Vietnamese food :)) we could talk about books together that would be a lot of fun. I could take you to my favorite little park by my brothers house in the Village!!

passionpayne: I have a massive twelve inch cock and the booty don't lie would you date me đź’•

You already fuck my ass every night do you wanna take it a step further

Anonymous: Hey. Well I'm a female, 15, and just under 5'2". My hair is a dark brown, almost black, and my eyes are dark brown. I love horseback riding, and I'd take you to the beach where we could have a sort of picnic, and then swim and just hang out. Lol sorry if that's lame. At least I'm anon.

Take me horseback riding!!! I used to do it when I was younger, now my sister does and she loves it a lot. The beach sounds fun though :))

Anonymous: You know about Elizabeth?! I love her sooooo much! I know it's weird, but I have a list of my favorite female killers/serial killers and she's in my top 20.

Wasn’t she freaky as hell? Some professionals think she had an iron deficiency due to malnutrition which made her go crazy and actually believe the blood she was consuming and bathing in was actually helping 

Anonymous: jay where can i find plus sized bikinis? :(

Why the frowny face??? I would check swimsuitsforall and asos! I have to get my tops there because I have a bigger bust and a small waist 

Anonymous: How do u break a dick then

You actually can fracture it it’s called a penile fracture which means he’ll be in pain for weeks

Anonymous: do you have 'daddy issues'?

Why do people always ask me this fuck


I am having a heart attack

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